Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Current News Updates from La Vega

The United For Him youth event ended the last weekend of February with over 2000 young people in attendance and 30 young people publicly asking Jesus to take control of their lives.  Every weekend was outstanding.  The Christian artists and musicians all shared testimonies and encouragement from their hearts.  It was amazing how many had come from very poor beginnings, and tremendously adverse situations.  They were truly a testimony of what Jesus can do with a life that is given to him.

Romy Ram, Nestor Ortega, and Ironman, three Urban musicians that ministered from the heart!

 On hand for that last night was the Calvary Academy Senior class from Lakewood, New Jersey.  They performed some exciting dramas, and their team leader David Murphy shared a challenging spiritual message.  They were with us for a week and ministered in different churches and public

schools.  In the city of Esperanza they brought their dramas and message to the public High School
and helped Pastor Juan Carlos at his church by cleaning up the new Sunday school area and painting the hallway and classrooms that were ready.  Pastor Juan Carlos has been little by little finishing the classrooms.  currently he needs $3000.00 US for some windows and doors, and another $2000.00 to finish the stucco work in two more classrooms.  This is a worthy cause.

Senior class using dramas to share their faith in Esperanza's High School

 The Calvary seniors spent a good bit of time helping Pastor Gemuel Delgado in the Rieles area.  They bought clay water filters for the poor and hosted filter maintenance workshops for the community and
shared their faith.  Class sponsor Richard Kelly demonstrated how to clean and use the filters (below).

Demonstration of water filters

Hosting teams from the United States is a wonderful way to spread the love of Christ.  These teams come with a willing heart to help and are often amazed by the spirit  they see in the people of these poor areas, who smile in the midst of sometimes severely adverse conditions.
Even as I prepared to write this article, a four-person team from the University of Central Florida arrived to follow up on the work done by Calvary Academy.

This Chi Alpha Ministries team has been visiting children and sharing testimonies, preaching, and putting on puppet shows all week.  The children were truly blessed.

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