Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Fervent Effective Prayers of Haitian Pastors

Two students with their teacher, excited to receive an education!

I entered the classroom and Pastor P. was on his knees in the corner calling out to God in fervent prayer.  He didn't  know I had entered, and didn't stop.  Why do I mention this, because I believe that the help the Haitian pastors are receiving is directly related to the prayers they are making. Pastor P. told me without prayer he could not live.  The truth is, most of these pastors earn less than $200.00 US a month, even if they have some outside support.  Yet Pastor P. pays for a tiny
house that accommodates his family, and also rents a rough building that will accommodate his congregation of 60 people. Needless to say, he and his wife are very thin.

Pastor F is ready to move to a new area where he has seen much fruit.  The majority of his current congregation is already living in this area.  He and his congregation have been praying for a miracle to purchase an abandoned church building.  Within two weeks of learning of this opportunity 60% of the funds needed for the purchase have been provided. These needs seem to have caught the attention of their caring Father in heaven.

Pastor A, almost in tears, told me about how he and his congregation would have to leave the church and the school building they were using.  Their school program had already been moved out, and