Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mitch and Debbie are Visiting Supporters in the U.S.

Dear Friends and Supporters:

Twenty-four years ago we left the comforts of our home and church in South Carolina to become missionaries in the Dominican Republic.  We chartered a small 9 passenger plane from Fort Lauderdale, FL, that carried our family of seven (Debbie, myself and our five children) with all our belongings, to what would be our area of ministry, La Vega.  We thank every partnering church and individual that has helped to make this mission venture possible. 

Currently we are in the States visiting supporters to thank them and to let them know that our plans are to return for another 4-year term to this Caribbean island nation.  We will continue to need your prayers and financial support.   We thank those that have visited and labored with us in evangelism, children’s ministries, medical outreaches, youth ministry, and various construction projects. 

The purpose of our letter today is to share with you a short 2-minute video that highlights some of the major points of our missions work in the Dominican Republic.  This video can be used to present our ministry in a “missions moment”, or a missions event at the church.  It was filmed and edited by a visiting missions team called “Arms Around The World”.  The video did a thorough job focusing on our ministry and AATW has given permission for it's use. We hope you like it.  Our goal is to raise funds and return as soon as possible.  Presently we are functioning at 20% below our normal budget and are believing God for new supporters.

It is important for us to know if you would like us to visit your congregation and share some missions highlights.  We have a 9-month period (until July 2017) to set up our visits and are aware that churches often have busy schedules.  Please contact us at our email or numbers below if you would like us to come and share.  We appreciate your partnership and want to give you priority in our schedule.  Please contact us! 

Your Kingdom Representatives,
Mitch and Debbie Martinez 

Mitch’s cell:  803-904-0451
Debbie’s cell: 321-222-8801
Vonage phone: 863-248-1119

Mail:  100 Airport Avenue 
           Agape SGO 12479
           Venice, FL 34285