Monday, November 28, 2011

El Dia Sigue or The Day Continues

11:30 AM:   As soon as we returned from Santiago, as we pulled up to my house, I noticed Pastor A's vehicle parked in front of the house.  He had just arrived and wanted to get some advance money for the cost of printing our latest (or should I say late) newsletter.  He has a printing press and helped us with our last letter. We talked about a few things, while Juan drove off.  He had brought a photocopy of his ID card which would be needed to get some paperwork done on a church property.  We talked also about meeting with

This day in the Dominican Republic

My morning started with Juan Valdez (not the famous coffee farmer), pulling up in his motorcycle to remind me that we had said we would get together to purchase the tin for the Rieles Church addition. Juan is my construction foreman.  He has helped me in over thirty projects in this country.
If I hadn't asked him to come over I might put it off another day or so.  There are usually a lot of issues calling for my attention in a day. And if the materials are not ordered Juan can not be assured of some work this week.  He has been waiting a couple of weeks as I couldn't assure him the funds had all come in. The industrial tin for the roof has to be purchased in cash for the 12% discount.