Monday, November 28, 2011

This day in the Dominican Republic

My morning started with Juan Valdez (not the famous coffee farmer), pulling up in his motorcycle to remind me that we had said we would get together to purchase the tin for the Rieles Church addition. Juan is my construction foreman.  He has helped me in over thirty projects in this country.
If I hadn't asked him to come over I might put it off another day or so.  There are usually a lot of issues calling for my attention in a day. And if the materials are not ordered Juan can not be assured of some work this week.  He has been waiting a couple of weeks as I couldn't assure him the funds had all come in. The industrial tin for the roof has to be purchased in cash for the 12% discount.

I checked the internet to be sure the funds were there so I could write some checks for the money changers.  Internet banking is a blessing for a missionary.  If needed, you can check incoming funds and track your checks. Before the internet I only knew at the end of the month if funds had arrived.  The key is having a money changer who trusts you and cashes your checks. For 19 years Big L has been changing our checks in La Vega.  Only one check has bounced, and it wasn't my fault.  (That's what they all say)  We headed over to Big L's place downtown La Vega and changed the checks.  I received $133,875.00 pesos ($3,500.00 US).  Talk about a pocket full of money.
We paid for the Tin at Acero Estrella in Santiago (30 minutes away), and stopped at Teen Challenge of Santiago where I picked up an invitation to their Christmas event.  I am actually a member of their advisory board.  This is an excellent ministry to help break drug and alcohol addictions.
This is getting too long, maybe I'll continue later.

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