Friday, February 24, 2012

Update on Unidos Por El Youth Event

Excitement continues to build at the "Unidos Por El" youth event ( see last years video about the event at ). Coming up is the fourth and final week of concerts.  Our thanks to those who have responded to our appeal for financial help.  We are now only $3,400.00 shy of meeting all event expenses.  This last Sunday we had 2000 young people out for the concerts.  The 

threat of rain has not been able to keep people away. Part of the blessing to us has been the 
The Resonate Band from Greenville, South Carolina

opportunity to meet and care for the participating musicians and Christian music artists.  The attitude of their hearts has encouraged us to believe that God is raising up a generation truly committed to Him.  Last Sunday, the band Resonate, from South Carolina received a warm welcome as they ministered in Spanish.    Remember that the event is being televised on the internet Saturday at 8PM, and Sunday at 6PM (EST) at
Mitch and Josias Moreta: Special delivery
 I promised Julio, the TV manager, that I would guarantee that the DVD's from the event would make it to the station in time to air. I didn't realize that because of the Carnival event in town, traffic was bogged down, and that I would have to travel every hour with the DVD on the back of a scooter to get to the TV station on time.  

To save costs this year, we decided that we would record the event ourselves with our digital cameras and produce the master DVD copy for the TV station.  This shouldn't be too hard, except that we had never overseen the video production of an event like this before.  We relied on the TV station's personnel last year.  I did have an ace in my hand this year as I had invited Craig Forrest (an award-winning documentary film producer) and Emilio Espinosa (a video editor and producer with 11 years of experience in high profile Christian ministries), to be with us to do workshops at TV stations the first two weekends of our event.  I was counting on ideas and help from them for the production of the video side of the event.  When I mentioned my expectations to Emilio he looked at me as if I was crazy.  "An event like this needs a lot of preparation time" he mentioned .  I responded something about having to learn on the fly. His comment really shook my confidence.  I suddenly felt our crew very incapable, and unprepared.  But it was too late, we had taken the helm of the production and would have to push forward.  Somehow we survived that first weekend.  Craig and Emilio really had a positive impact on the production of this event for TV.  They did a camera workshop for our Camera volunteers and actually oversaw the video switching one night. Our second weekend was much better.
Workshops with Emilio Espinosa and Criag Forrest at Ch.8 Vegateve

We look forward to this last weekend as various artists from different parts of the country will be on hand to help us with the concerts.  If you feel led to contribute visit our website at or contact us.  

We also had the privilege of hosting Dr. Elsie Odom, a conference speaker who visited with us for a week.  We were able to get her on various TV programs, and into various churches to share her important conference on How to find Release and Freedom from Same-Sex Attraction.  She has  a Doctorate in Christian Counseling and challenged today's church to have more compassion for individuals who find themselves weak in this moral area.   At the end of one of her TV interviews the announcer was so touched she began to cry.  

Dr. Elsie Odom and TV Host Iluminada Munoz

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