Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Giving Tuesday and Current Project Needs

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 Your missionaries Mitch and Debbie Martinez wish to heartily thank you for your help in making 2016 perhaps our biggest ministry year ever!  As you consider your year end giving and in conjunction with "Giving Tuesday", the following is a list of needs reflecting the direction of our ministry for the year to come. 

Priority Needs for 2017

1. Construction Needs - Funds and Work-teams needed.

  1. El Café Church building needed -    $39,000.00
     2.     Jima Abajo Parsonage needed -  2d Floor $15,000.00
        3. Good News of Jesus Church in the Rieles -  $22,500.00 for School Addition
        4.     Barranca Church needs classroom additions - $10,000.00
5.     Barranca Church needs Parsonage - $14,000.00
6.     Bandshell/stage for La Vega Christian School - $ 8000.00
7.     Small tractor w/backhoe needed for construction - $24,000.00
8.     Additional land near La Vega Christian School - $48,000.00
9.     Team House construction - $40,000.00
11.  Drop Ceilings and new desks for La Vega Christian School - $14,000.00

2.  Haitian Schools Projects

We continue to need children's sponsors for the Haitian Schools Project. Currently Debbie is working in the development of 10 different Haitian School programs. Sponsorship is $25.00 per child monthly and provides schooling and meals as funds allow.  Expenses per program reflect a need monthly of $750.00 to 800.00. We believe that there are many churches that could help sponsor one of these schools. We are limited in what we can do for these needy children by whatever finances we receive.

Here is our contact information for Giving

3. Unidos Por El Youth Concert Series  

Elaborate Devil Costumes at Carnaval

We need $8000.00 US to cover basic costs for this event.  It consists of 4 days of concerts, every weekend in February. This is a Christian Alternative to Carnaval (a Mardi Gras type event) that has a spiritually destructive influence on youth in this city.  2016 brought over 2000 youth out to celebrate this Christian event at the La Vega Christian School Campus.

Here is a link with our contact information

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