Thursday, August 14, 2014

Too Busy

When paperwork begins to pile up in unobtrusive corners of your house, then you know your pace of life needs some adjusting.
When filing of taxes, and monthly or quarterly reports are barely being kept up with, then you know that your rubber band is being stretched to it's limit.
When from morning to dusk the phone and visitors have managed to take up any time you had wanted to set aside to draw close to the Lord, and you begin to feel that you are losing ground spiritually, take it as a warning sign.
When ministries are beginning to lose their spark, and motivation is getting harder to generate, there is a good chance that you are pushing to the outer limits of your effectiveness.
When relaxing in an easy chair is way too comfortable, and suddenly you awake with a start, you know you are beginning to tire.
When you haven't updated your blog for months, that's just another detail that has fallen between the cracks.
What can you do?
Seek time with the Lord, seek time in His word, don't miss out on church services where a positive word can minister to you.  Humble yourself and ask for forgiveness and strength. Forgiveness, because you are relying on your strength and abilities to get everything done and not on Him. You will either fail or things won't be done the way they should be.  Later the weaknesses will appear.

Start with a minute, then two, then five, in prayer or in the Word.  Work your way back again to a place of strength and comfort in the Lord.  Remember you are His child.  He'll work with you.

Jesus said "Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me...For apart from me you can do nothing"(John 15:4-5, NLT).

Two churches have been built and finished during this time.

The Rose of Sharon Project is finished.

A covered multi-purpose gym has also been completed.
Our first graduation at La Vega Christian School under the new roof in June!

 The Bible Institute is nearing the end of it's 2nd year at the school with 15 students on the rolls. Many short-term ministry teams from the U.S. have been hosted this summer, they have made a wonderful impact on communities and churches.

Effective evangelistic conferences have been held.  A Christian magazine continues its month by month existence, though perhaps every two to three months now. Visit Revista Bendiciones at this link!

A third new church is being planted.

We are working with two different Haitian school programs.

And yes, I am working my way back to the true vine, where sustenance and strength reside.  His name is Jesus.

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