Wednesday, August 14, 2019

More news from Mitch and Debbie Martinez

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Teams making a difference this Summer!

Dear Family and Friends,

What a summer it has been! A big, bountiful, beautiful summer, with teams from Ohio, South Carolina, Colorado and Louisiana. We are blessed with the best people in the world!

One of the highlights was the big party for the Haitian students and their teachers in June. We had 14 schools represented with about 550 people in attendance. Thanks to Pastors Tim and Lisa Scarbrough and their team from Englewood, Ohio, we were able to give gift boxes to all the 80+ teachers and staff members. The kids played with their friends and participated in the program. We gave a certificate and Bible to the outstanding student in each school, then after lunch the kids went home with a small present. It was a big day for all of us. 
14 Haitian church schools represented
That same team left playground equipment in the churches in Rose of Sharon, Sabaneta, Cutupu, and El Faro Boys’ Home in Santo Domingo. Thanks for loving on all of us!

Our team from Charleston worked hard to pour a cement floor in the church under construction in Tireo, Constanza. We also visited the new building for the Haitian church and school in Constanza and prayed for them. We are so happy to see them in a more spacious and safer place.

The team from Rock Hill and Greenwood, SC held several VBS’s, in Sabaneta, Barranca, Rose of Sharon and Soto. God ministered to hundreds of children as they understood the plan of salvation. Our little Haitian children were all dressed up and waiting for us. They loved the face paint and balloons. What a joy to reach out with God’s love and see them respond.
Ministry in the flood affected Rieles area
The following week we received a group from Greenville, SC which touched the lives of almost 800 people in 4 days of medical clinics in 3 different locations, Rose of Sharon, Limoncito and Cutupu. We saw two women delivered from demon possession in a service. Everyone was very grateful for the vitamins and medication they received. We had a great time with Dominican young people who helped the doctors and with translating. We hope to continue to reach more communities with medical clinics in the near future. 

The team from Timberline Church in Colorado worked closely with the Palmer family in the Haitian churches in Limoncito and Cutupu. We’ve come a long way since last summer! Limoncito is so beautiful now with a new floor, stucco, paint, a bathroom and a kitchen. Thanks to Timberline we were able to purchase the house and property next door, so there is room for growth. Join with us as we pray for the Cutupu project as we still need land for the school there, they have over hundred students. 

Last Saturday we filled the arms of the pastors with school supplies, Bibles, first aid kits, record books, toys and rice. School starts on September 3 for most of the schools. Thank you for your part in making it possible to support these schools and their hardworking teachers and precious children.

We have included here a short 5 minute video highlighting some of the Haitian schools programs.

Volunteers Cody Norton and Ken Martinez

If you haven’t sent in a donation since last summer, please do it now. We depend first on God and then on the offerings of God’s people to operate these Christian schools. We also want to help Pastor Wilner start a new school in the community of El Pino. More about that in the next newsletter.

Please send your tax deductible donations to:
(See Links in blue)

Attn: DR Children's Fund                  
PO BOX 1761
Columbia, SC 29202


General Council of the AG
AGWM Project#8627  (note this on the e-form)
1445 Boonville Avenue 
Springfield, MO  65802  
God bless you, and thanks again!

To contact us: 1-863-248-1119 (home number).
Debbie's email:
Mitch's email:

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Back in La Vega!

This is a link to a short video about our work.
We are Committed to Serve Him

We are excited to return once again to the Dominican Republic.  We are believing the Lord to help us to accomplish more for His Kingdom.  After traveling around the U.S. (50,000 miles plus) for the last 12 months, we have returned to La Vega to serve another four year term as missionaries.  It has taken us a while to settle down as we've had a busy schedule the past month and a half. We are happy to be with our many friends here in La Vega.  It is especially nice to be with our son Joshua and his wife Karina and also with our two grandsons, Ken and Ethan, who live here in town. 


In Santiago to visit Mickey D

We appreciate so much Doug and Chris Wilson who shouldered the load during our year of departure to raise support in the states.  They helped us in soooo....many ways to keep this ministry afloat while we were gone.  Doug took charge of the International Fellowship at the Bridge Church/Coffeehouse.  He made sure designated gifts were properly dispensed. Chris was "volunteered" to become the head of the English department with the departure of Jerry Durr. He needed to return to the states to be close to his parents who were struggling with health issues. We are missing him.  She and Doug both took oversight of the finances that support the different Haitian education centers.  There are 10 of these centers now.  I don't have the space to tell you more, needless to say, Thank You, Doug and Chris.  

This summer we have also been blessed to receive on the field the Palmer family.  They have worked many years in inner-city ministry in the U.S., and have also worked with numerous missions teams overseas. Now their heart is set on helping the Haitian immigrants in this country. 
Katie and Patrick Palmer and their four beautiful children!

Also joining us is Miss Sallie Wham from Greenville, South Carolina, who is bringing her teaching experience and educational background to train some of the rural teachers working at the Haitian school programs and also the teachers at La Vega Christian School.

Summers are a busy time for us with Missions Teams!
We were able to host this summer the South Carolina Youth AIM Team.
Jimmy Sellers w/youth and local workers pouring the foundation in Barrancas for the church's new education wing.
The GT Church Youth Team, from Reading , PA.
GT Church Youth working with children in Summer VBS Programs at Rose of Sharon

The Lighthouse on the Rock team from Key Largo, FL.
The Key largo team with Debbie ministering to children in El Limoncito Haitian church.

And we also were blessed by the Lighthouse Christian Fellowship team from Brunswick, NJ.
LCF Worked hard doing a Kid's Camp and painting the Children's Clinic in Santiago

5 Construction Projects have already been launched!

1. At La Vega Christian School we tore down the old cafeteria eating area. The termites were having a heyday there.  We replaced all the wood trusses and wood columns with metal and raised the roof some.  We also finally put a drop ceiling in the third floor hallway, and sealed off all the eaves from the pigeons. We had the buildings and the b-court (cont.) 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Giving Tuesday and Current Project Needs

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 Your missionaries Mitch and Debbie Martinez wish to heartily thank you for your help in making 2016 perhaps our biggest ministry year ever!  As you consider your year end giving and in conjunction with "Giving Tuesday", the following is a list of needs reflecting the direction of our ministry for the year to come. 

Priority Needs for 2017

1. Construction Needs - Funds and Work-teams needed.

  1. El CafĂ© Church building needed -    $39,000.00
     2.     Jima Abajo Parsonage needed -  2d Floor $15,000.00
        3. Good News of Jesus Church in the Rieles -  $22,500.00 for School Addition
        4.     Barranca Church needs classroom additions - $10,000.00
5.     Barranca Church needs Parsonage - $14,000.00
6.     Bandshell/stage for La Vega Christian School - $ 8000.00
7.     Small tractor w/backhoe needed for construction - $24,000.00
8.     Additional land near La Vega Christian School - $48,000.00
9.     Team House construction - $40,000.00
11.  Drop Ceilings and new desks for La Vega Christian School - $14,000.00

2.  Haitian Schools Projects

We continue to need children's sponsors for the Haitian Schools Project. Currently Debbie is working in the development of 10 different Haitian School programs. Sponsorship is $25.00 per child monthly and provides schooling and meals as funds allow.  Expenses per program reflect a need monthly of $750.00 to 800.00. We believe that there are many churches that could help sponsor one of these schools. We are limited in what we can do for these needy children by whatever finances we receive.

Here is our contact information for Giving

3. Unidos Por El Youth Concert Series  

Elaborate Devil Costumes at Carnaval

We need $8000.00 US to cover basic costs for this event.  It consists of 4 days of concerts, every weekend in February. This is a Christian Alternative to Carnaval (a Mardi Gras type event) that has a spiritually destructive influence on youth in this city.  2016 brought over 2000 youth out to celebrate this Christian event at the La Vega Christian School Campus.

Here is a link with our contact information

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mitch and Debbie are Visiting Supporters in the U.S.

Dear Friends and Supporters:

Twenty-four years ago we left the comforts of our home and church in South Carolina to become missionaries in the Dominican Republic.  We chartered a small 9 passenger plane from Fort Lauderdale, FL, that carried our family of seven (Debbie, myself and our five children) with all our belongings, to what would be our area of ministry, La Vega.  We thank every partnering church and individual that has helped to make this mission venture possible. 

Currently we are in the States visiting supporters to thank them and to let them know that our plans are to return for another 4-year term to this Caribbean island nation.  We will continue to need your prayers and financial support.   We thank those that have visited and labored with us in evangelism, children’s ministries, medical outreaches, youth ministry, and various construction projects. 

The purpose of our letter today is to share with you a short 2-minute video that highlights some of the major points of our missions work in the Dominican Republic.  This video can be used to present our ministry in a “missions moment”, or a missions event at the church.  It was filmed and edited by a visiting missions team called “Arms Around The World”.  The video did a thorough job focusing on our ministry and AATW has given permission for it's use. We hope you like it.  Our goal is to raise funds and return as soon as possible.  Presently we are functioning at 20% below our normal budget and are believing God for new supporters.

It is important for us to know if you would like us to visit your congregation and share some missions highlights.  We have a 9-month period (until July 2017) to set up our visits and are aware that churches often have busy schedules.  Please contact us at our email or numbers below if you would like us to come and share.  We appreciate your partnership and want to give you priority in our schedule.  Please contact us! 

Your Kingdom Representatives,
Mitch and Debbie Martinez 

Mitch’s cell:  803-904-0451
Debbie’s cell: 321-222-8801
Vonage phone: 863-248-1119

Mail:  100 Airport Avenue 
           Agape SGO 12479
           Venice, FL 34285